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A Doodle Works Media Video Explained

A Doodle Works Media illustrated whiteboard video is a great tool for communicating ideas in a fun and exciting way that encourages attention and retention. Studies show that a Doodle Works Media video increases viewer retention by 29%! Not only do they inform, educate and motivate, they're FUN!


Here's what works with Doodle Works

Doodle Works Media is a new production studio specializing in what has become know as whiteboard animation, video scribing or speed drawing.  Whatever you want to call it, a Doodle Works Media illustrated video is a totally bright, refreshing and entertaining way to send a message that resonates.


Doodle Works videos serve as memorable vehicles with which to explain or sell new concepts in a commercial broadcast message, website, or exciting corporate presentation.  Doodle Works videos make great additions to personal or business blogs, Facebook posts, Instagram videos and other applications!

A Doodle Works project is perfect for

  • Advertising Videos
  • Directional Videos
  • Finance Videos
  • Fundraising and Nonprofit
  • How-To Videos
  • Marketing Videos
  • Presentation Videos
  • and more!


Businesses nationwide have used Doodle Works Media to boost business and send memorable messages and so can you.  Let's get together today and get the ball rolling towards a Doodle Works video of your very own!


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How to start your doodle work work

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